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In 1966 the art scene in Flanders was surprised to discover new work of an unknown young Dutch painter from Roermond at “Trefpunt” in Ghent which at the time was the Mecca of the Flemish art movement. His name? Hans Kitslaar.

Hans Kitslaar built his career through trial and error and through blessings and bruises. Through the love and support of his environment he always found peace and reason and the force to grow, and the people he loves and who love him also gave him the strength to face the more difficult and sombre moments in his career. The combination of love and light gave him the force to fully develop and use his talent which he always administered with the care of a prudent and caring man.


The oeuvre of Hans Kitslaar bears witness to his spontaneity and his mature composition skill and insight. Every painting gives shape to his emotions and is unique in the way it transforms these into colour and light.

—Albert-Fernand Haelemeersch


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